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Unisco – Education WP Theme

Unisco is a creative and modern education wordpress theme fit for any kind of educational institution. Unisco WordPress theme can be used for schools, colleges and university.

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  • Cloudways Autonomous Vs Flexible: The Important Differences

    In this Cloudways Autonomous Vs Flexible post, I will walk you through some important differences between the two Cloudways solutions in terms of performance, pricing, and features. There is a 25% OFF Cloudways Promo code that can be applied on both the Flexible and Autonomous plans.

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    Cloudways Autonomous Home

    Cloudways Autonomous Vs Flexible:


    As I tested Cloudways Autonomous and Cloudways Flexible, I noticed that they differ in terms of performance. I hosted a demo website with both solutions and then conducted a performance test in March this year. 

    While my Cloudways Autonomous website recorded a response time of 20 ms in load handling, a TTFB of 338 ms, and 100% uptime, my Cloudways Flexible website recorded a 180 ms response time in load handling, 385 ms TTFB, and 100% uptime.

    image 1
    Cloudways Autonomous TTFB speed and Uptime graph
    image 13
    Cloudways Flexible TTFB speed and Uptime graph

    As you can see from the results, there is a big difference in terms of response time and Auto Scaling is the contributing factor. However, the feature is missing in Cloudways Flexible. Hence, Cloudways Autonomous has a leading edge over Cloudways Flexible in terms of performance.


    Cloudways Autonomous allows you to choose from 7 different plans. The lowest tier plan starts at $35 per month, available at an introductory price of $24 per month for 15 GB Disk Space, 30K Unique Visits, and 100 GB Bandwidth.

    image 12

    Cloudways Flexible is more affordable and allows you to start for as low as $11 per month for 25 GB Storage and 1 TB Bandwidth. Further, Cloudways Flexible has a whole lot of plans for customers to choose from.

    image 11

    You can choose Cloudways Autonomous for websites that are already generating high returns. Features such as autoscaling and high availability are very much needed for such dedicated websites.


    1. Easy of Use:

    One important thing that I noticed while using Cloudways Autonomous is more simplified than Cloudways Flexible in terms of usability. Using options such as PHP, restoring a backup, etc. is way quicker than in Cloudways Flexible.

    image 10

    You can change the PHP or restore a backup in just a single click in Cloudways Autonomous while it takes too many clicks and steps in Cloudways Flexible.

    image 2

    2. Autoscaling & High-Availability:

    Cloudways Autonomous uses Kubernetes-based autoscaling & load balancing to automatically scale up and scale down resources during traffic spikes for high availability. Now, this feature is not available in Cloudways Flexible.

    If you have a dedicated website, which you don’t want to be down at any cost, you will need this feature.

    3. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN:

    Now, the important thing to understand here is while Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is entirely free on Cloudways Autonomous solution, Cloudways Flexible offers Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for $4.99 per month.

    image 8
    image 9

    Cloudways Autonomous comes with integrated Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for faster content delivery backed by Cloudflare’s edge cache and global CDN technology. Besides, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN ensures enhanced security through Cloudflare’s WAF, and Unmetered DDoS mitigation at layers 3, 4, and 7.

    4. Object Cache Pro:

    Cloudways Autonomous also comes with integrated Object Cache Pro to speed up page loading for your WordPress admin environment, Checkout, and Cart pages.

    While the feature is completely free in Cloudways Autonomous, it’s free on Cloudways Flexible only on 4GB servers or above. If you are on a less than 4GB server, it will cost you $95.

    image 5
    image 7

    5. Unlimited PHP Workers:

    In Flexible, the maximum allowed PHP workers is up to 6000 based on your plan. But, Cloudways Autonomous comes with unlimited PHP workers per application.

    Now, this is a feature that can drastically improve website page loading. Unlimited PHP Workers help in handling numerous requests at the same time for optimal performance of your website. The feature is available in Cloudways Autonomous while it’s not available in Cloudways Flexible.

    6. Multiple PHP Versions:

    Cloudways Autonomous allows you to have different PHP versions for different applications. It currently supports PHP 7.4 to 8.2 versions.

    image 3

    However, in case of flexible plan, Cloudways lets you to fix a single PHP version for all the applications. The below screenshot is an example where PHP 7.4 is set for four different applications.

    image 2


    Cloudways offers excellent service for both its flexible and autonomous plans. If Pricing is your main factor, Flexible is best as it can handle traffic and offers good speed and uptime.

    Choose Autonomous if you have a money-making business, as it offers the best speed and uptime, which is useful to cater to your business needs.

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