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Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Best Web Hosting For WordPress

In recent times, most of the customers asked this single question. Which WordPress hosting works great with SnapThemes?

After analyzing a lot of hosting, we have listed below hosts are perfect to get started.

Best Web Hosting For WordPress

  1. Bluehost 

Uptime: 99.99%

Speed: 380ms


  • Automatic WordPress Install and Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate Included
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year

        If a hosting company utilizes space to a website on a web server to store its files, the website will be hosted. Web hosting makes the files that make up the website more available for online browsing, such as code, photos. Every website you have visited is hosted on a server.

      Bluehost offers cheap yet great quality of hosting which maximizes your use of services. Bluehost provides you an Automatic WordPress Install and Updates, Free SSL Certificate Included and Free Domain Name for 1st Year. 

       Bluehost offers a shared service with a lot of powerful resources and established network that is ideal for hosting your websites. Bluehost Web Hosting starts with its very affordable Basic plan for only $5.95 a month. If you wish to come bigger, Bluehost Plus is just $7.95 a month and Choice Plus for only $8.95 a month. These plans are covered for 12 months. However, Bluehost extends its plan for 24 to 36 months that comes with bigger discount each monthly billing.

  1. GreenGeeks

Uptime: 99.96% 

Speed: 453ms 


  • Free Domain Name
  •  Free Website Migration
  • Advanced Security 
  • Top-tier Performance
  •  24/7 Support

     GreenGeeks does have a lot of great things to do with them, in terms of volume, functionality and competitive pricing. GreenGeeks is also known for its environmentally friendly web hosting service with 99.96 percent uptime and 453ms upload time checked.

         GreenGeeks provides decent web hosting services for both beginners and experienced webmasters at reasonable rates without sacrificing on must-have functionality. GreenGeeks promising features includes Free Domain Name, Free Website Migration, Launch a New Website, Daily Backups, Advanced Security, Top-tier Performance, 24/7 Support, One Click Installer and more.

        GreenGeeks hosting service best value starts from its Pro plan for only $5.95 a month. However for small websites, choose Lite plan for only $2.95 a month or want to go bigger with its Premium plan for just $11.95 a month.

  1. A2 Hosting

Uptime: 99.99%

Speed: 320ms 


  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew 
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • Free and Easy Site Migration
  • Unlimited NVMe Storage

       A2 Hosting sites are prominent as a high-speed SwiftServer network with documented 99.99 percent uptime and 320ms upload time. A2 Hosting is also considered for its cheaper price than competing web hosting providers.

       A2 Hosting guarantees ultra-reliable, high-performance web hosting to ensure you and your websites prosper. You can also opt to host up to 20X faster than those competing hosting services on Turbo Server for page loading speeds. A2 Hosting is popular with its powerful features of 24/7/365 Guru Crew, Free Automatic Backups, Free and Easy Site Migration and Unlimited NVMe Storage.

         A2 Hosting ensures you the services that will last you worthwhile. You can now avail its hosting services for a very reasonable pricing plan that starts with its cheapest StartUp plan for only $2.99 a month. You may also want to get bigger features with its Drive plan for only $4.99 a month, Turbo Boost for just $9.99 a month and its Turbo Max for only $14.99 a month.

  1. SiteGround

Uptime: 99.99% 

Speed: 681ms


  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free WP Installation
  • Free WP Migrator
  • WordPress Auto-updates
  • Free SSL

         SiteGround is a fantastic web hosting platform for over 2 million domains with its strong features and high-quality services. SiteGround is completely trusted and has 98% acceptable customer results over the last 5 years. SiteGround also has almost 100 percent uptime and a fast loading time of 681ms.

        SiteGround ensures you an easy and fast website building, smooth website transfer, suitable for all Managed WordPress users and 100% preferred by designers and agencies in terms of its Collaboration Tools. SiteGround’s hosting was also powered by Google cloud that offers superior hosting services with SSD Persistent Storage, Ultra-fast network and 100% renewable energy match.

         SiteGround hosting plans start with a very low cost StartUp plan of $6.99 a month. Followed by, GrowBig for only $9.99 a month and GoGeek for just $14.99 a month. SiteGround also offers a 30 days money back guarantee from the day of your purchase.

  1. HostPapa

Uptime: 99.99% 

Speed: 450ms


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Jetpack Security
  • Auto-detect and remove malware

         HostPapa WordPress hosting provides great quality services that come with very competitive pricing plans. HostPapa has a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee and 450ms to ensure that the websites of its customers are quickly and easily available to all its website users.

          HostPapa includes a great deal of features such as giving SSL Certificate for free, Protected and Advanced Firewall, Jetpack Security, Auto-Detect and Remove Malware and Global speed and performance. Also, HostPapa provides WordPress experts that are always available to one on one training, 24/7 expert support and huge WordPress knowledge base.

            HostPapa WordPress hosting starts at a very cheap price with its WP Starter plan for only $4.95 a month. You may also want to avail more advanced features and hosting experience with its WP Business for only $7.95 a month and its WP Business Pro for just $14.95 a month. HostPapa ensures 30 days money back from the date of your plan purchase.

  1. DreamHost

Uptime: 99.94% 

Speed: 654ms 


  • Automated Backups
  • Free Email Hosting
  • Advanced Panel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain

        DreamHost WordPress Hosting allows the user to set up and maintain a website, whether you’re starting a blog, running a small company, or joining an e-commerce game. DreamHost hosting services have been reported to have a 99.94 percent uptime guarantee and 654ms uptime speed.

        DreamHost WordPress hosting delivers great quality of features and useful tools to provide customers’ demands. This includes Automated Backups, Free Email Hosting, Advanced Panel, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain and much more effective tools to your WordPress experience.

        DreamHost ensures customers the best hosting services with very much affordable pricing that users would definitely enjoy and appreciate. DreamHost WordPress hosting plans starts at its lowest price of WordPress Starter plan for only $2.59 a month. DreamHost also has an advanced WordPress Unlimited plan for $3.95 a month. Both packages include 97 days money back guarantee from the day of your purchase.

  1. ChemiCloud

Uptime: 99.99% 

Speed: 490ms 


  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Reliable Cloud Platform
  • WorldWide Server Locations
  • Free Migration

        ChemiCloud hosting services provide the excellent customer service in the industry, along with a fast , secure and reliable cloud hosting platform. ChemiCloud guarantees each user 99.99 percent uptime and an incredibly fast 490ms load time. ChemiCloud WordPress web hosting runs your blog, online shop or corporate website, our WordPress Hosting is completely optimized for high speed and reliability.

         ChemiCloud also offers the best features to provide users high quality of hosting experiences with its 24/7 Expert Support, Reliable Cloud Platform, WorldWide Server Locations, Free Migration and much more useful tools.

         ChemiCloud WordPress hosting plans come with very low pricing packages that starts at $2.76 a month for WordPress Starter. You may also want to avail WordPress Pro for just $4.86 a month and with up to 10x faster WordPress Turbo for only $7.66 a month.

  1. LiquidWeb

Uptime: 99.99% 

Speed: 59s


  • Fast Website
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • Free Site Migration
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • No Pageview/Traffic Limits
  • Full Server Access
  • Automatic Daily Backups

        Liquid Web excels in controlled hosting and is also branded as Editors’ Choice. For managed hosting, LiquidWeb does not host on-site servers. Alternatively, the servers are housed in the data center of the host site. LiquidWeb has been able to manage all the administrative and support activities of the site, regardless of their size and scope. Liquid Web managed hosting is also quite expensive, but big specs come with complex functionality.

        LiquidWeb offers a variety of features that will enhance and empower your WordPress hosting services. This includes Fast Website, Automatic Plugin Updates, Free Site Migration, 24/7 Expert Support, No Pageview/Traffic Limits, Full Server Access, Automatic Daily Backups and much more interesting tools.

       LiquidWeb hosting plan starts with its basic Spark plan for just $19 a month. LiquidWeb also comes with Maker for $79 a month, Designer for $109 a month, Builder for $149 a month, Producer for $299 a month, Executive for $549 a month and Enterprise for $999 a month.

  1. WP Engine

Uptime: 99.99%

Speed: 582ms


  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Dev/Stage/Prod Environments
  • Transferable Sites

        WP Engine likes to bring you the flexibility to develop awesome digital experiences online, without worrying about your software stack, server stability, updates, or server-side optimization. With our controlled hosting services, we take care of the infrastructure so that you can concentrate on what is essential to the company.

        WP Engine has powerful tools and features that will surely improve your WordPress hosting, speed up and optimize your site. This includes Genesis Framework, 35+ StudioPress Themes, 24/7 chat support, Dev/Stage/Prod Environments, Transferable Sites, PHP 7.4 ready, Evercache, LargeFS, Global CDN

Page Performance, Automated SSL certificates, SSH Gateway and more additional features.

        Despite the powerful tools offered by WP Engine, they have managed to deliver a very reasonable price and suits your hosting budget. WP Engine has its cheapes Startup plan for only $25.00 a month. You may want to choose more advanced Growth plan for just $95.83 a month and Scale plan for only $241.67 a month.  You could also get a Custom plan for large businesses and mission-critical sites.

  1. Kinsta

Uptime: 99.9%

Speed: 100ms


  • Regular uptime checks
  • WordPress experts
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 100% solve rate

        Kinsta have over 10 years of professional experience with WordPress and have put all that know-how into building the best controlled WordPress hosting solution into commercially available worldwide. Spend less time thinking about your website and your company is growing longer with Kinsta 99.9% uptime and 100ms speed. 

       Kinsta dont just offer high speed and guarantee uptime, but also advanced and well improved features you could use to develop fast and quality WordPress sites. Kinsta ensures you with its Regular uptime checks, Always backed up, Automatic scaling, Hack fix guarantee, WordPress experts, Free SSL and CDN, 24/7 monitoring and 100% solve rate.

         Kinsta web hosting for WordPress is very affordable whether you are just starting up or want to enhanced your WordPress sites. Kinsta has its cheapest WordPress hosting with Starter plan for only $30 a month. Get bigger with Kinsta’s Pro plan for just $60 a month and its Business plan for $100 a month. There are also More Plans available for just $200 a month.

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