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Theme Setup Page

IMPORTANT NOTE – We recommend a fresh WordPress install for installing Unisco.

Once you activate unisco, you will be redirected to the setup page as shown in the image below. Setup page makes it super easy to install unisco. No messing about with tricky settings, just click a few buttons and you’re up and running like the live demo.

    • Step 1Plugins – Unisco includes 3 plugins that are required to be installed and activated. Only Unisco Pro plugin is required for the pro features of the theme to work, it contains most of the theme features like shortcodes and short code generator, admissions, events, testimonials and custom forms. Rest of the plugins are recommended as they enhance the capabilities of Unisco theme. Click ‘Install Plugins’ button to install all the plugins.

    • Step 2 – Demo Content – Inserts demo content for your new WordPress website. Once inserted, this content can be managed from the WordPress admin dashboard. Click ‘Import Demo Content’ to install demo content.

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