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Post / Page Options

Each page you create has a full set of options to choose from allowing you to customize each individual page. Each page you open in your WordPress admin will have a Unisco Pro Options box that contains all the different settings. There are several different sections included in the Unisco Pro Options box, each with its own title and purpose. Unisco Pro Options are powerful, and the best way to get familiar with them is to check them out while editing a page. Below are screenshots and short descriptions of each different section included.

IMPORTANT NOTE – we are always adding new options so these screenshots may not reflect the most up to date options.

Most of the options below override global settings available in customizer and allow you to individually customize the current page. Some settings will only show if you use a specific template, for example the slider options will only show if you edit a front page.

    • Page – This section lets you select the required page layout, hide author and category links, hide links in footer and hide next and previous post links. On course edit page you will also get options to set page secondary title and page description.
    • Header – This include options to select different menus for a particular post/page, custom header background image and also an option to hide title.
    • Slider – This include the options to show sliderand add as many slides to the slider.
    • Sidebar – This include the option to select a custom sidebar for the current post/page.
    • Footer – This include options to hide pre footer widgets, hide footer widgets, hide copyright area and hide footer area completely.


Page specific options:

    • Course – One course edit screen you can set course start date, course end date, course start time, course end time, course fee and course seats.
    • Instructor – One course edit screen you can set instructor name, instructor qualification and instructor avatar.
    • Ratings– One course edit screen you can see the overall course ratings. You can also hide ratings for a course page.
    • Events – On event edit page you can set event start date, event end date, event start time, event end time and event calendar background.
    • Testimonials – On testimonials edit page you can set user designation.

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