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How to Update Unisco Using FTP

IMPORTANT NOTE – First, backup your theme files and database and then delete your old theme folder. This ensures that any deprecated files are not present which could lead to update issues. Also make sure that the folder is named unisco.


    • Step 1 – Log into your server and then navigate to the wp-content > themes folder and backup your unisco theme folder by saving it to your computer, or you can choose to simply delete it. Your content will not be lost or erased.
    • Step 2 – Retrieve the new unisco.zip and extract the file to get the updated unisco theme folder.
    • Step 3 – After extracting the updated unisco theme folder, simply drag and drop the new unisco theme folder into wp-content > themes folder location.
    • Step 4 – Lastly, update the unisco pro plugin if prompted. You might see a notification message notifying you that a new version of the unisco core plugin is available and ready for update. If yes, then follow the onscreen prompt to complete the plugin update process.

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